1 crore users have downloaded Arogya Setu app

The Cure Bridge application has surpassed 100 million registered users in just 41 days of launch. This app was launched on April 2nd. The app has been called into question for security reasons, although the government-launched app was created to monitor infected people and alert healthy people about them. Significantly, when this app was headlined among the people, it was said that this app would spread the epidemic of dangerous coronavirus. This app was made mandatory in many places. This app was created in collaboration with NITI Commission and some teams.

On Wednesday, Niti Ayog chief executive Amitabh Kant announced in a tweet that the Arogya Setu app has surpassed 100 million registered users. Its app banner has surpassed 100 million people and announced that 10.02 million Indians are using healing bridge applications. Let me tell you, 50 million people got this app on their smartphones within three days of its launch last month. Install And this number has crossed 9.8 crore last week.

In addition to the success of registered users, the Healing Bridge app has also entered the top three apps in Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store in India. Not just for smartphones, the Arogya Bridge app team has also extended this app to Jio phones and landline and feature phone subscribers. A toll-free service has recently been launched under the Arogya Bridge Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS), with a ‘1912’ toll free number for feature phone and landline citizens. After making a missed call to this number, they will receive a call back, inputs related to your health will be taken in this call.

Mandatory use – what is behind its success?

Crossing the Rs 10 crore mark a month and a half after launch is definitely a big success for the Arogya Bridge app, making it one of the fastest growing apps worldwide but the success of the Arogya Bridge app was not as difficult as for other functional applications. The reason is that Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself promoted it in his speech.

In addition, the government has made it mandatory for all government and non-government employees to install the app on their smartphones.

Similarly the Arogya Bridge app has also been made mandatory for passengers traveling on trains during lockdown, who must have this app on their phone while traveling. In addition, food delivery staff and other suppliers need to download it to their phones. Because of all these redundancies the Cure Bridge app has emerged as a successful app in such a short time.

However, since its launch, several groups have identified and criticized the app as a threat to user privacy. Not only that, but Robert Baptist, a French security researcher, claims that the Cure Bridge application contains a “security loophole” that threatens the privacy of billions of Indians. However, the Union Information Technology Minister later denied all these claims, describing Arogya Bridge as “the most powerful app” in terms of privacy protection and data protection.

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