1 year warranty on D2H set top box for only Rs 117, find out how

The Direct to Home (DTH) operator has launched a new facility for D2H customers, under which the company is offering customers a 1-year warranty in its top box. With this plan, users will have the opportunity to extend the warranty of their set-top box or get a new annual warranty. D2HT has launched this fitty at just Rs 99, though this amount is excluding GST. You will have to pay Rs 117 for this facility including GST. After paying Rs 117 online, you can get 1 year extended warranty on your D2H box. Let me tell you, earlier this year, Dish TV also announced a similar feature.

The company’s new D2H box service plan Website However it has been listed. To avail this facility, the interested customer has to register on the website with details related to his customer ID, VC number and telephone number etc. After filling in the details, users will be able to access the page. This new box service plan will give you free service in your set-top box, which costs Rs 117 (inclusive of GST). With this facility you can extend the warranty of your existing box and get a new warranty for one year. If you extend the existing one-year warranty to the existing one, the new one-year warranty will start from the day after the existing warranty expires.

When you fill in your details, the page will provide information on whether your D2H set-top box has a warranty. You will need to pay separately for this facility in other set-top boxes at home. The operator mentioned that this service is for set-top boxes only. You will have to pay for any other type of repair. You will have to pay first to repair the faulty STB, but later it will become part of your box service plan.

Under this service plan, D2H states that it will not be liable for any improper use of the box. Without these, no changes can be made to the box without informing the operator. Also, box damage due to water, abnormal voltage fluctuations, rat bites, pets, floods, lightning, earthquakes, etc. or for any reason other than general use will not be cured under this service.

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