, 2,7899 crore bitcoin suddenly bought 1 cry from cryptocurrency wallet, find out the whole thing

A group of Bitcoin whale accounts that had been dormant since December 2018 suddenly became active and bought thousands of bitcoins last weekend. According to BTIinfocharts, a website that labels bitcoin addresses owned by various cryptocurrency exchanges, the whale’s addresses rank 89 to 106 (excluding rank number 90). These addresses purchased 28,377 bitcoins worth sy 841.85 million (approximately Rs. 62,789 crore) between July 1 and July 18. Although these 17 bitcoin addresses are unknown.

A daily hold Report As of 2013, all 17 of these wallets contained 8,000 bitcoins before the bitcoins were deposited. Although it is not sure.

In BTIinfochart Published The data further shows that four wallets received bitcoin on July 18 at exactly the same time. At the same time, the other four collected bitcoin on July 17 at the same time and the other three wallets received bitcoin on the same day later.

A bitcoin whale is an account that owns a large number of cryptocurrencies and has the ability to change prices with a single business. In 2017, about 1 thousand people owned about 40 percent of all bitcoins. Now, the recent stability in the cryptocurrency market has put whales back into operation.

Bitcoin is now priced at almost half of its all-time high. After reaching about $ 5,000 (about Rs 48 lakh) in May this year, it stood at 30,816 (about Rs 23 lakh) at the time of writing the news. Business Doing.

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