32 people will soon be part of a group call on Google Duo

Google Duo recently announced that users will now be able to make group calls through the web as well, and will soon bring this feature to users in the coming weeks. A few days later, a new change has been announced, according to which Google Duo will soon increase the number of video calling members in the app. Google has confirmed this in a publication. The report claims that soon 32 people will be able to enjoy video calls together. I tell you, this new change is being made at a time when most people in the world are locked in their homes because of the coronavirus epidemic. Can’t go to any office or meet anyone. In such a situation, the only way to face the outside world of millions of people working from home and away from family is through video calling apps.

To help people in times of crisis, now all apps are also changing their features as needed. In addition to increasing the number of people from 12 to 32 people, a new feature has been added and it has AR effects that match users’ facial expressions. With its recent updates and changes, the Google Duo app is giving fierce competition to Zoom and Facebook’s video calling features.

Android Police Report According to Google, the publication has confirmed that Google Doo’s group calling feature will soon add 32 people. Currently, only 12 people can make group video calls simultaneously on this platform. Earlier in March, only 8 people could be part of a group video call. Recall, in April 2019 the Google Doo Group Calling feature was launched with 4 members.

Notably, there is Google Dr. The number of members in Google Doo Group Calling will be increased soon, although it is not yet clear how many people will be added to Group Calling. The promotional email also claimed 32 members.

In its promotional email, Google has promised to add AR effects to Duo calls, which will vary depending on users’ facial expressions. Let us tell you, Google Dove still has the AR effect but at the moment it does not change with the facial expressions.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. However, according to Google News, it will be safer to start sending promotional emails.

Also, Google recently announced that now both users will soon be able to make group calls through the web version platform. This new feature will be launched soon in the coming weeks. First its preview can be found in Chrome and then it will be published in large size. In addition to these, a new family mode has been added to this video calling app, which will provide you with fun effects and masks to make video calling more fun.

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