A pinch of this 60 thousand rupees phone has been found, see the video …

How weak the Asus RG Phone 5 is can be seen in the testing video of the popular JerryRegivingthing on YouTube. Jack Nelson does various tests to test the visibility of the smartphone. They scratch the display of the device in their video, test the frame strength and even bend the device. This time he tried the most premium model of the latest Asus ROG Phone 5 series from Asus. This phone has been launched in India at Rs 79,999. YouTube investigations have shown that this gaming phone looks stiff and heavy, the display can easily catch scratches and break under light pressure.

Jack Nelson of Jeririgiriothing on his YouTube channel Asus RG Phone 5 Per Test Did. On its scratch test, the marks begin to appear on the sixth level of the display. Also, for the rubber covers fitted to the charging port, Nelson says it may not last long. The frame is easily scratched, as it is made of metal and he noticed that the seam tray lacked a basic rubber lining to protect against water.

The fingerprint scanner did not work even after scratch testing, and Nelson could not register his thumb even after several attempts. When he tested the flame on its display, he noticed that a white spot appeared on the screen of the Asus ROG Phone 5 within 30 seconds, but it was soon recovered.

Now the real test of strength is when Nelson grabbed the phone from both sides and tried to turn it around. A huge crack occurred near the antenna line when the first thrust was applied. It also affects the vibration motor of the phone. After that, under some pressure, the display of the phone becomes completely useless and the frame of the phone also breaks completely. Eventually the rear panel of the Asus ROG Phone 5 is completely shattered when the phone is folded from the other side. Nelson says most phones are saved in this type of basic band test, but Asus’ ROG Phone 5 failed miserably. Let us know that Asus ROG Phone 5 Series was initially launched in India at Rs 49,999 and its top model comes at Rs 79,999.

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