After one hour it will be possible to delete spam messages on WhatsApp

You will soon be able to delete your message on WhatsApp in an hour. In the WhatsApp beta (v 2.18.69) version of Android, users will now get 4,096 seconds to delete the message. That is, it will now be possible to delete the message in minutes, minutes and 1 second (delete for all). Currently, the maximum limit for deleting messages for Windows users is 7 minutes. It is said that soon iPhone users will also get the benefit of the new feature.

This feature was first seen in WABTFino. This is a WhatsApp update tracking site. According to the site, new sticker updates have been seen in version V 2.18.68. WhatsApp has released two more beta versions for Android, v 2.18.70 and v 2.18.71. Apart from this, lock recording and sticker pack size displays have also been seen on the WhatsApp tracking site.

Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys ….. Features It was observed that if a user receives a forward message, it will have ‘forward’ written on it. Experts believe that if this feature is implemented, users can get a lot of relief from spam and fake news. This feature is seen in version V2.18.67 for Android. Let us know that new stickers were also seen in this version, but we could not use them during testing.

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