After Xiaomi mobile phone, now it will enter the electronic car!

Xiaomi is planning to enter the car market. Chinese media have claimed, citing multiple sources, that the company is in the process of building its own car. However, Xiaomi did not share any preliminary information about it. Let us know if Xiaomi has been interested in making electric cars for a long time. In 2013, the company’s founder, Leigh Jun, met with Elan Musk, the owner of the Testla company. Not only that, Xiaomi also invested in a Chinese electric car startup Expeng in 2019 for its electric car project, and the company also has its own internal strategy team for this project.

LetPost is a Chinese technology blogger Claim Is that Xiaomi planning to make a car? This is not the first time. Earlier, it was reported that Xiaomi was planning to enter the car market. Quotes from various sources of the latepost Report It is said that Xiaomi plans to build a car, but no specific strategy has been set for this time. A person familiar with the matter told the blogging site that Xiaomi’s car project could be led by Shaomi Group founder Lee Jun himself.

The report further states that Lei Jun twice visited the US in 2013 to meet with Tesla CEO Elon Musk and now his interest seems to be growing. The smartphone market is now showing stagnation and the trend of electric cars is growing rapidly. Therefore, it is not surprising that the company is now aiming to create a revolution in the electronic car market.

Let us know that Xiaomi has not yet commented on this, so it would not be wise to accept this report as completely true. However, several leaked reports have revealed that Xiaomi has been trying to enter the electric car market for a long time.

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