Airtel’s 40 Mbps and 100 Mbps broadband plans get news of Amazon Prime subscription

Airtel has reportedly added an Amazon Prime subscription by changing the offer bundle of its lowest priced 40 Mbps and 100 Mbps broadband plans. However, this change is currently visible to some users in their Airtel Thanks app. The Airtel broadband plan starts at Rs 499, previously this base plan did not include the Amazon Prime subscription facility. Amazon Prime and G5 subscriptions were only offered on plans with speeds above 200 Mbps. However, now Amazon Prime Benefit has reportedly changed to a base-level broadband plan.

Airtel’s change information is currently available to the company Website Not given or not given directly in the Airtel Thanks app. OneTech Report According to him, some users are seeing this offer in their Airtel Thanks app. Airtel’s Rs 499 broadband plan has been upgraded through Amazon Prime subscription. After the change, the price of this plan has gone up to Rs 589, which includes unlimited data, 40 Mbps speeds and unlimited local / STD calls. This plan also comes with an Airtel Extreme app subscription.

Similarly, a broadband plan of Rs 999 with Amazon Prime subscription has been revised to Rs 934. This plan is equipped with unlimited data, 100 Mbps speed and unlimited local / STD calls. There will also be a subscription to the Airtel Extreme app. According to the OneTech report, the plan is listed in the app at Rs 1,099, but the actual price of the plan is Rs 943.

The report further states that Amazon Prime benefits will only be paid on these revised plans, when they are purchased monthly. These are not listed with half-yearly and annual purchases. Currently, these modified plans have not been implemented on a large scale, now these offers are only live for a few people.

Airtel recently unveiled ‘unlimited’ high-speed internet access with all its broadband plans To roll Did. The change introduced the company to compete with rival Reliance Jio, which recently introduced a change to its Geo Fiber broadband service.

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