Amazon’s gadget is smiling for no reason, users are shocked, videos have been released

Amazon’s Echo Speaker users have filed a bizarre complaint. In fact, the Alexa voice assistant present among them suddenly started laughing. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Some users on Twitter and Reddy mentioned this ‘sudden smile’ of Alexa Voice assistant. Some people said that when Alexati was asked to turn on the light, laughter came out of it. It is also said that this is happening due to his wrong command.

“I was busy with some personal work in the office when Alexa started laughing,” wrote Twitter user Davidswine. She wrote, “Has anyone else had the same experience? She suddenly started laughing. It’s really amazing.” Another Twitter user wrote, “I was sitting in the living room with my mom, we didn’t tell Alexa anything and she suddenly laughed for no reason.” I plugged him in again. ” (Listen to Alex’s smile on the tweet)

Amazon issued a statement saying it was likely that the speaker had suddenly received some orders. The agency said, “If Alexa hears something like that in a strange situation, smile Alexa,” this kind of result can come. The agency said it would change the order to “can you make Alexa smile”.

Amazon is also considering that when a user asks him to smile, the answer will be, “Yes, I can smile.”

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