Android 11 Developer Preview has been released, equipped with these special features

Not too far from the Android 11 launch. Google has released the first developer preview of Android 11 and is now available for developers to download and test. Google usually gives developers a new Android version in March, but the first developer preview of Android 11 was released before the regular release cycle. Speaking of features, it will have some special features for the foldable phone and screen type. This version will be equipped with new camera features, privacy related tools, 5G related improvements and many more features. In addition to releasing the first developer preview of Android 11, Google has also set a timeline for the upcoming stable update.

Google Tell me So what System Image With the first Android 11 developer preview GSI file Pixel 4, At pixel 3, Pixel 3 And Pixel 2 Available for download. Google further clarified that this preview build was not designed for developers only and for regular users. However, the beta testing program will be released soon on a regular basis for Android users, and articles for it will be open soon.

Android 11 release schedule

Timeline for the release of all builds of Android 11 shared by Google

Android 11 Developer Preview 1: February

Android 11 Developer Preview 2: March

Android 11 Developer Preview 3: April

Android 11 Beta 1: May

Android 11 Beta 2: June

Android 11 Beta 3: 2020 Third Quarter

The last build of Android 11: the third quarter of 2020

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