Android messaging app features smart reply, but …

Google’s Android messaging app has now come up with a ‘smart reply’ feature that will be written on your phone as your ‘mind key’ suggestion. This feature based on artificial intelligence was launched by the company in September 2016 with its messaging app Google Light. Let us know that the Smart Reply feature is only for users of Google’s virtual network operator ‘Project FI’. No official information has been given by the agency about when its scope will increase. To apply this intelligent feature, Google will ask you to enter the history of your SMS.

The announcement was made via Project FI’s official Twitter account. Launched with Google Light, ‘Smart Reply’ will automatically respond to your message by ‘thinking’. It will also give you the option to reply by identifying the message you received on your own. Also, if you do not want to use this service, you can turn it off at any time by going to Android Message Settings This feature has now been introduced in Google Light, Gmail, Google Assistant as well as Android Messages. However, as we have told you, only users of Project FI will be able to use it.

In fact, during the research of Gboard Beta APK, it was revealed that a feature like Smart Reply could be introduced and now this news has been sealed. Let us tell you that this feature will also be unique in that it will be able to work on many types of apps instead of running in one app. In addition to Light, Android Messages and Hangouts, it has been seen to support apps like Facebook, Messenger Lite, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. You will be able to use it in Snapchat with some restrictions.

Please note that this feature also allows you to get your complete chat history and data in Google Light. There is still a lot of information about smart answers to Google’s apps that have options like Hangouts, Light and Android Messages. Apart from this, the company has been providing various features in all the apps.

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