Android’s Ban App Clean Master still steals people’s data, the report claims

The Clean Master app was removed from the Google Play Store about two years ago. The new report claims that the app can still translate its old and current users. This app was created by Chinese internet company Cheetah Mobile. In 2018, the app was allegedly involved in fraudulent schemes, which led to its removal from the Play Store. However, Clean Master has become a very popular app, which has been downloaded by millions of users. Probably even today this app is being used in many people’s phones.

Prohibition Report According to the Clean Master application, it steals all kinds of personal web user data, which the security agency shares with Google. The old report also accused some cheetah mobile apps of being involved in fraudulent schemes, including the Clean Master application. Google has never officially shared the reason for removing Clean Master from the Play Store. Other cheetah products such as CM Browser, CM Launcher and Security Master Apps are also spying on users’ data, according to a report from a cybersecurity firm.

According to the report, the application was used to collect data such as browsing history, search engine queries, Wi-Fi access point names and scrolling patterns. An article in VPN Pro also claims that Clint Master App is stealing ‘deadly information’ from users, which needs to be uninstalled. The company said in a statement that it was collecting data from users for security reasons, not misuse.

The company further said that it is monitoring internet browsing to see that the website users are visiting does not pose a threat to them. It is used to perform the user’s current trending search. Regarding Wi-Fi network access, the company responded that it was designed to keep users away from bogus Wi-Fi networks.

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