Animated stickers, QR codes and many more features can be found on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has announced many new features for its mobile app and web version. For Android and iPhone, WhatsApp is going to come up with many new features including animated stickers, QR codes and even better video calling function. All of these features will be rolled out in the coming weeks. The Facebook-owned messaging app also said that WhatsApp support for Jio phones will also be launched soon. Beyond that, the WhatsApp web will eventually get its dark mode.

These new features are coming to WhatsApp

WhatsApp users will soon be able to chat by sending animated stickers. Let me know, recently News It is learned that WhatsApp is testing these animated stickers on its platform. Now the company has also confirmed it. In addition to this, you will also get new QR code feature in WhatsApp, through which you can add new contacts to your list without taking time.

The company said in a statement: “Whenever you meet someone, you can scan their QR code and include it in your contacts. You will no longer need to type numbers.”

In addition, the company has added a full-screen feature during group video calls to give users a better video calling experience, allowing you to view the screen of any individual member during group calling. WhatsApp increased the number of members of group video calling in April Extended 8 have done.

The platform will add a video icon to a group of 8 more members, allowing you to select and add all members to the call for video calling, but only eight members can receive a group video call with just one tip. Yes. This is a national organization Features It was also introduced in April, where people were given a video icon for video calling on WhatsApp.

If we Geo phone Speaking of users, WhatsApp is going to bring its WhatsApp status feature for the QOS platform soon. That means, now live phone users will be able to share WhatsApp status just like smartphone users, which lasts 24 hours.

Dark mode for WhatsApp web and desktop apps

WhatsApp’s Dark mode knocked out mobile apps in March, though web and desktop users are still waiting for it. Soon this wait is over. For the WhatsApp web and WhatsApp desktop applications, the company is about to bring Dark Mode with other features soon.

As we mentioned, these features will be rolled out in the coming weeks, although you need to stay in the latest WhatsApp version.

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