Annoyed by spam messages on WhatsApp? Work is in progress

If you are also worried about the spam message on WhatsApp, there is good news for you. WhatsApp is working on a feature for its app that will make it easier for users to block spam messages. WhatsApp beta app users have given information about this new feature.

According to WABetaInfo, a fan website that tested the new feature has made it public. The feature is currently in beta and has not been officially released to the general user. This feature will be released for both Android and iOS. Spam messages are defined as those that users send in large numbers to their contact list.

WABetaInfo wrote Dr., “A spammer never sends a spam message for a single contact, but this spam is sent to more than one user at a time. Spammers collect data from the Internet or registration service and send these messages by listing their contacts.

The website further states, “These messages may contain unsolicited advertisements and fake news and sometimes these messages ask users to forward their contacts.”

Now users have become accustomed to sending these spam messages to WhatsApp using the forward option. Because of this, WhatsApp will now give you information about messages that have been forwarded many times.


If the user has to send a message to several contacts at once, WhatsApp asks the user to create a broadcast list. This list contains only those contacts whose names are in the address

Recently a feature called ‘Admin Admin Admin’ has been published on WhatsApp Was seen Which is being tested for group admin. This feature gives the administrator more power and allows them to remove any other user from the group without removing them from the admin

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