Another Indian application like Moz, Tiktok, Sharechat was launched

After the shrimp and mitron app, now a new app has been added to fill the gap of tick, the name of this app is Moz. Yes, Moz is an India-made application, created by the social media platform ShareChat. The app is available for free download on the Google Play Store. It basically works like a tick. It has features like short video making, special effects, stickers. This application supports 15 languages. In addition, the app has been downloaded more than 50,000 times in the Google Play Store and users have given it a good rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. The app was launched after the Indian government banned 59 Chinese applications.

As we said, Moz Sharechat, an Indian social media platform developed by Mahalla Tech Pvt Ltd in 2014, has been developed. Moz users can upload 15 second video clips on this platform, make it beautiful with filters etc. In this app you will also find lip sync functionality. The interface of the app is quite simple and user friendly. Note that in this app you will not get English language support like sharechat.

We have contacted ShareChat to find out more about this, although the company declined to comment at this time.

Moz is not the first app offered as an alternative to ticket talk in India. Earlier, many apps were launched, such as Shrimp, Roposo and Mitron apps. All of these applications have taken up space in the short video space for some time and have received a lot of response from users since Tickettal was banned. The most popular of these is the Friends app. The Sparkle app was launched in 2018, so far 5 million people have downloaded it to their devices. At the same time, the Ropso app was launched in 2014, which was downloaded by 50 million people. The Friends app was launched in April this year and has received over 10 million downloads so far. In addition to these, the G5 also recently announced that it will soon launch its short video platform Hype, where users will be able to create their own short video clips and share them with friends like TickTick.

India’s anti-China sentiment has led to a sudden increase in competition for short video apps in India. The Indian government has recently released 59 apps, including Tiktok Bain Done. On June 29, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology issued a press release ordering that the Ministry ban these apps under the provisions of Section 69 69 of the IT Act and the IT Rules 2006. The decision was taken considering these apps as a threat to India’s sovereignty, unity, security and public order. The most popular of these banned apps is TikTok, which had more than 200 million users in the country. Following a government order, TickTalk was removed from the Google Play Store and App Store and later stopped working on the phones of users whose phones were already there.

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