Apple will start working on GG technology!

Apple is now preparing to develop 6G wireless technology. The company recently launched the first 5G support iPhone series as the iPhone 12. Now it seems that the company is preparing to start working on the sixth generation cellular connection i.e. 6G. Apple recently built its own M1 chip to replace the Intel processor with the MacBook series, and now the company’s readiness to develop 6G shows that Apple doesn’t want to rely on other companies.

The technology giant this week began looking for wireless systems research engineers for next-generation network technology. The company posted ads for the job. The list suggests jobs for Apple’s offices in Silicon Valley and San Diego, where the company works in wireless technology and chip design.

Post information further suggests that people selected by the organization will design and research “next-generation wireless communication systems for radio access networks.” Industry experts believe that 6G will take 10 years to fully come, but the to-do list shows that Apple wants to be involved in the early development of new technology. However, the spokesperson of the company did not agree to comment in this regard.

Let us tell you that late last year, Apple reportedly joined an alliance of companies working on 6G and other next-generation cellular technologies. There is currently no clear information on how fast or how good 6G will be compared to existing 5G technology, but some experts say that this technology could be 100 times faster than 5G.

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