Be prepared to advertise on WhatsApp, delay rollout due to Facebook

On WhatsApp, you’ll see ads in the near future. The new report comes after a recent report claiming that WhatsApp’s parent company, Facebook, has decided not to advertise on the instant messaging app. In 2018, California-based company Menlo Park announced that the company will take advantage of WhatsApp status updates and display ads there instead of advertising directly on the platform. This is a feature that is already available as stories on Facebook and Instagram to show paid content.

What is information? Report According to Facebook, the decision not to show ads on WhatsApp does not seem to be completely firm. The social networking giant has reportedly postponed a push to bring in more ads to avoid “anti-regulators”.

In any case, if the report is true and Facebook really executes the plan, the company, already facing criticism for trust, will once again take advantage of the WhatsApp user base. This could lead to massive deletion of Facebook accounts by WhatsApp users who do not allow their messages to be included in their social media profiles.

It is unclear whether Facebook plans to sell ads directly on WhatsApp. At the annual Facebook Marketing Conference in the Netherlands in May last year, Facebook showed the status of WhatsApp as a platform for monetization through advertising, similar to the way monetization is done through Instagram Stories since January 2017. The company added in the news that status ads may only be launched sometime this year.

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