BHIM application customers will get cashback up to Rs 5050

The government has come up with a new cashbox scheme to attract more users for the BHM app. The new scheme is for both traders and customers. Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys ….. Scheme The deadline has been extended to March 31. New customers of Bhim app will get cashback of Tk 51. At the same time, traders can get cashback up to one thousand rupees through it.

New customers will get a cashback of Rs 51 after the end of the first transaction through the BHIM app. There will be no minimum limit for this transaction. This means that if new customers make a transaction of Rs 1, they will get a cashback of Rs 51. Apart from this, Bhim app is giving cashback of Tk 25 for each unique transaction of minimum 100 rupees, in which the user can get cashback up to 500 rupees per month. At the same time, if the transaction is less than 50, 25 or more, then 100 rupees Cash back Can be taken advantage of. Similarly, cashback of Rs 250 will be available for 250 or more transactions.

Speaking of offers for merchants, 10% cash is being paid on each transaction. Traders have to make 10 transactions worth Rs 25 or its equivalent. In addition to these, the app is giving up to Rs 50 in the form of 10 percent cashback of the transaction. This will be provided by any bank regarding the use of Bhim. For cashback, the minimum 5 transaction value should be Rs 25 or its equivalent.

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