Choose to clear the distance between fans and celebrities during app lockdown

Lockdown is taking place across the country to spread a dangerous epidemic like COVID-19. Because of the lockdown, everyone is locked in their own house, no one can go out of the house or no one can come to your house. In such a situation, everyone is feeling annoyed by being locked in the house. However, the task of overcoming the boredom of the people has now been taken up by Bollywood celebrities. Celebrities have got a weapon through which they can confront their fans sitting at home. In fact, this weapon is a similar app that has been quite popular among people for some time. This is the short video platform of Singapore based BIGO Technology Pvt. Ltd., on which people create and post their short videos. However, nowadays celebrities are making full use of its live feature. In fact, due to the lockdown, all the celebrities are locked in their respective homes, so this way, they take advantage of this feature to remove distance from the fans.

In fact, corona viruses have become an effective means of communication between Ceylon and their fans during epidemics and lockdowns, like live features. Let me tell you, according to the latest ranking published by Censor Tower, Leakey is the sixth most downloaded app in the world in terms of communication with its fans.

Musician Amit Tandon, who entered the world of entertainment with the first season of the music reality show ‘Indian Idol’, recently shared some tips of Fitnet with his fans through the live streaming feature. Actress Alika Haider, who starred in the TV series ‘Bentha’, also spoke to fans about the lockdown during the live session, not only did she sing some songs to make the live session more interesting. You would be surprised to know that his session was extremely well received, with over 50,000 likes.

Some other celebrities used Laiki to interact with fans. Actor-producer Jackie Bhagnani recently appeared in a live session with LAI India chief Abhishek Dutt to talk about his music label Just Music’s latest venture ‘Smilega India’. Similarly, famous singer Palak Musal also joined a live session with Mr. Dutt to auction dolls and raise funds for the ongoing fight against Kovid-19. Both sessions garnered 2.7 lakh and 1.9 lakh likes respectively.

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