Clear the privacy debate on WhatsApp, user chats are completely secure, Facebook doesn’t have that right either

On Tuesday (WhatsApp) released a clarification about the privacy policy update. WhatsApp, Facebook’s parent messaging service, said in a statement that recent changes to its policy would not affect the privacy of your messages with friends or family members. WhatsApp has released a tweet on its official Twitter handle in response to questions raised among users about privacy.

WhatsApp (WhatsApp) Made a second statement on Tuesday about the privacy debate and the policy. The company says that this update to its policies will not affect the privacy of your messages with friends or family members. WhatsApp has reported that there are many false rumors about user privacy on its platform in the market, which is not true at all. The company says it refutes all these rumors and will continue to use encryption until the end to protect users’ private messages.

WhatsApp reports that no one can read your private messages or listen to your calls. In addition to this the company has also emphasized its core organization Facebook WhatsApp users are also unable to read or listen to messages and calls. WhatsApp issued the statement at a time when users were concerned about updating the company’s privacy policy. The company‚Äôs privacy policy update will apply to all users starting February 8th.

WhatsApp tweeted, “We want to dispel these rumors and make it 100% clear that we will protect your private messages with last-minute encryption. An update to the privacy policy will help your friends or family.” Let us know earlier that there has been a lot of controversy over WhatsApp’s privacy policy for some time. WhatsApp’s personal groups are reappearing after a recent Google search. This allows anyone to search Google and search for and join WhatsApp’s personal groups.

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