Close share: How to share files between two Android phones? How to learn …

Just as Apple allows users to share files from one iPhone to another with the help of AirDrop, Google has also launched its own version of AirDrop for Android smartphones, called Share nearby. This feature was introduced by Google in 2016, but even today most Android users are not aware of this feature and they are always concerned about data protection with third party applications using third party applications etc. to share files from one Android phone to another Android phone. In such cases, the closest part of the Android phone works to keep you free from this worry. The proximity sharing feature allows you to easily share files from one Android to another. If you haven’t yet used this feature, immediately uninstall the third-party sharing app on your phone and share nearby by following the steps outlined below.

Share closer The feature comes with Android version of Android 6.0 or higher. So far this feature is present in everyone’s phone. If you haven’t used this feature yet, first find out where it will be present on your Android phone.

– First go to Settings and scroll down and select Google.

– Then click on Device Connections, scrolling here you will find the nearest Share option.

Tap nearby Share, then customize the settings.

– You can turn it on or off. To use this feature, you’ll need to choose your device name as well as a Google Account.

Share nearby: How to use and transfer files

– First tap on the file you want to share and then click on the share icon.

– Now you need to click on the nearest share option.

After that, your phone will start searching for the nearest device.

– Make sure that the phone with which you want to share the file has the feature of close sharing.

– After identifying the phone, you need to tap the name of that phone. At the same time, the recipient must accept the file.

Only then will file sharing begin and the process end unnecessarily.

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