Concerned about WhatsApp messages, the upcoming mute feature is forever

WhatsApp is about to make a big change to its ‘silent’ notification feature soon. According to the latest news, the company will soon offer the “always mute” option on its platform, after which you can always mute some chats. You can use this feature for private chats as well as group chats. In addition to the mute feature, there is news about WhatsApp that it will soon add “expired messages” to the app, which will automatically disappear after a specified period of days. Let us tell you, information about this feature was also published in March, which said that the new feature will help users decide how long they want to hold messages.

WhatsApp Beta Tracker WABetaInfo According to the report, one of the latest versions of WhatsApp Beater for Android (version includes the mute option. This new change will always turn on the mute option, removing the existing 1-year option, so users can mute unwanted chats on their WhatsApp forever. Of course, this feature will prove to be very effective for those who are often bothered by chat notifications from unwanted users and groups.

However, it is important to note that you will not receive notifications for that chat using this music feature all the time, but they will still be able to see the message they received in your chat section.

In addition to the Silent Always option, WBTA has also released the Expiration Message option, which is available in the Android version of WhatsApp Beater WABetaInfo shared Screenshot It turns out that this new option allows you to make new messages disappear from the chat after seven days.


As we have said, this is not the first time that message delivery information has been released. Earlier, there was an option to miss the message in March Information Came to the front. The report at the time stated that users could choose from a number of options, including message duration, one hour, one day, one week, one month, or one year. Users can set their personal chat messages to be automatically deleted by duration. However, the latest leak refers to a period of 7 days.

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