Coronavirus update: Google, Microsoft and Cisco provide free software to work from home

Coronavirus is spreading dangerously around the world. To date, more than 933,000 cases of the virus have been reported worldwide, and the death toll worldwide has exceeded 3,200. Facebook, Twitter and many more technology companies have started encouraging their employees to work from home to protect themselves from infection with this deadly virus. The agency believes it can help people at home avoid this infection. Let us know that this disease called Coronavisal or COVD-19 originated from Wuhan in China and is still spreading to America, Europe, India, South Korea and many other countries. It is believed that the infection spreads like a flu, so companies are trying to avoid physical meetings of their employees and for this Google, Microsoft and Cisco together provide employees their own communication tools for free.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai on Tuesday Announcement The company will provide free access to the Hangout Meet video conferencing capabilities for all G Suite customers worldwide. This free access will start this week and will be available free of charge until July 1st.

A blog post shared on the Google Cloud Portal gave more information on this topic. According to the post, employees will be able to attend meetings from home through the Google Hangouts Meet. It will be able to take part in 250 employees per call simultaneously. In addition to these it will be able to keep live streaming for 100,000 viewers within any domain. Meetings can even be recorded and saved to Google Drive.

All of these features are usually available in the G Suite and G Suite Enterprise versions of the Enterprise Edition for learning. However, the company is now offering this facility for free to all G Suite users, so that all employees can easily do both work and meetings.

Like Google, Microsoft has given everyone free access to its team platform for six months. Announcement It allows users to use the Internet at home with their companies, schools and colleges.

Cisco has taken a similar step, announcing free access to its video conferencing tools Webex. This free facility is available wherever. These free features provided by Cisco, Google and Microsoft will help the public to work from home during these difficult times.

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