Create your ‘love story’ with Google Photos

Google Photos has now unveiled a new Love Story movie feature for the user, which will cherish new memories. New changes have come through Google Assistant that will create a Love Story theme in the Photos app. It will be possible to create a love story movie by adding background and romantic shots. Let us know if the latest theme is already included in the 9 themes. It also has a Valentine’s Day movie theme that Google released in February. Google Photos already has a Maya movie and a cookie movie, made with pets in mind.

To make a love story movie, one has to go to the Assistant tab, which is given at the bottom of Google Photos. Here, go to ‘Movie’ and tap on ‘Create New’. After that, the love story cards will be effective. The theme requires a lot of photos of you and your partner. Also, the user will get face-to-face grouping feature, in which the assistant will also identify the faces of the two of you.

Once Google has found the photos you need, you can take them for video editing. You can also change the background theme music by bringing new pictures, videos to the timeline. Acoustic guitar music came first which is set on the theme of Valentine’s Day.

Google Photos is a cross-platform application. Love story movies will be made directly from Android and iOS devices. The new theme was first seen by 9 to 5 Google. Let us know that earlier this month Google Photos got the PW feature that was for Android and desktop. Google also offered the option to mark selected photos as favorites last month. The Photos app also has the facility to choose photos.

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