Dark mode release for WhatsApp, now every user will be able to enjoy

WhatsApp Dark Mode has been awaited for a long time and now with the help of a special advertisement, the company has finally released this mode for Android and iOS users. For a long time this mode was being published in beta apps through testing programs on both Android and iOS platforms. Now all Android and iPhone users can enjoy WhatsApp Dark Mode. If you do not know the dark mode, in this mode the whole theme of the app changes to dark tell chat background is more dense, which does not affect the user’s eyes in the dark. WhatsApp, a company owned by Facebook, has also featured in ads made with this feature.

All Android 10 and iOS 13 can now enjoy this mode. You need to enable this mode by going to system settings. To use Dark Mode, the user needs to update to the latest version of WhatsApp. However, if you have an older version of Android, you need to enable this mode yourself by going to the theme in the settings of WhatsApp.

Dark mode reduces the bad effects on the eyes of users. The company has also published an ad for it, showing that opening WhatsApp chats several times in the dark causes the eyes to glaze over, which also has a bad effect on the eyes. Dark mode plays the most important role at the moment. This mode changes the theme of the whole application to a darker color, so that when you suddenly open the chat in the dark, you will not be affected by the strong white light in your eyes. You can see this ad below.

WhatsApp users on Android 10 and iOS 13 can enable WhatsApp dark mode by turning on the system-wide dark mode present in their phone’s system settings. To turn on this mode on any phone running Android 9 or older, users need to go to Settings inside WhatsApp. Here, one has to tap on ‘Themes’ under the ‘Chat’ section and select ‘Dark’. This way the user can turn on the dark mode.

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