Delete your old posts at once with this Facebook tool

Facebook is adding a new activity management tool that will help users easily sort multiple posts in one place. The company said in a blog post that the feature will first work on the mobile version and the Facebook Lite app, and then on the desktop version. The Manage Activities feature is part of the Activity Log section and helps users post archives or large amounts of trash. Facebook further stated in its blog post that it will continue to work on this tool.

Facebook management activities tools

Facebook blog Post Accordingly, the purpose of the Management Activity tool is to help users easily manage their old posts. It archives users’ old content, which is available to users on Facebook, but is not viewed by other users. In addition, users will be able to trash their old posts, allowing your post to be visible for 30 days and then permanently deleted. However, users can manually restore or delete them. Both of these options will be used in bulk which means users will be able to manage all their old post filters at once. These filters include categories, dates and people.

How to use Facebook managed activities tool?

To use the Manage Activities tool, you must first go to the Activity Log section, then Manage Activities. Here you will see all your posts which will be given two options archive and trash. You have to select all the posts separately, after selecting the post you have to select any option.

Facebook said in its blog that this feature has been added to the “Mobile and Facebook Lite app”. It is worth noting that currently the Management Activity tool has moved directly to the Facebook Lite app but soon it will also be available in the mobile version.

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