Disney + Hotstar will launch on April 3 with this price

Disney + Hotstar has been waiting a long time, which is about to end soon. Yes, Disney + Hotstar is going to launch this Friday i.e. 3rd April. In addition to the launch date, Hotstar has also unveiled the price of Disney + Hotstar. Disney + Hotstar VIP will cost Rs 399 for one year. At the same time, the price of Dense + Hotstar Premium will be Rs 1,499 for one year. If you need access to Disney + Originals like the Star Wars series The Mandlorian, you’ll need to pay for it later. At the same time, the original English language version of Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar and Disney movies will be available for you at Disney + Hotstar Premium. In addition, VIP users will be able to watch movies dubbed in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu local languages.

Disney + Hotstar launch date

Let me tell you, April 3rd is the new launch date for Disney + Hotstar before it launches March 29th. However, the special thing is that the launch date is less than 1 week late. Naturally, the launch is being delayed worldwide due to COVID-19 disease, which is spreading due to coronavirus. This deadly virus does not spread to a large number of people, so social distance is being spread worldwide, people are stuck in their homes.

Hotstar announces the good news that Disney + Hotstar customers will now be able to download unlimited Disney + content that was previously limited to five episodes and movies. Disney + Hotstar will launch a brand new navigation section featuring new “channels” for Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic.

Disney + Hotstar will host a virtual red carpet to give the launch a great success with the launch of the Covid-19 Corona virus. It will be held on Thursday 2 April. On top of that, ‘The Lion King’ will be shown at 8 pm and Mandorion will be shown at 8 pm. If you do not want to be a part of this event, you can see two pictures of yourself. However, if you become part of the event, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with other Disney + Hotstar users, share messages, photos and badges.

Disney + Hotstar will launch in India on April 3. The new prices will be upgraded for previous customers, paying Rs 399 for the Disney Hotstar and Rs 1,499 for the Disney + Hotstar Premium.

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