Dogecoin has jumped ten percent again for Elon Musk’s Twitter profile photo!

Elon Musk and Dezcoin have a very close relationship. No matter how he tweets or comments about this digital currency, the price of the currency cannot be affected. Although he is not influencing the entire cryptocurrency market, his social media posts certainly reflect his influence. Now Tesla CEO Elon Musk has changed his profile picture on Twitter. She is seen wearing sunglasses. Only her face is visible and sunglasses are visible on her face. However, the image of Doug is also visible among them.

The effect of Elon Musk’s profile picture on Twitter was that the price of this currency exceeded 10% on Sunday. The rise came after Dodgecoin co-founder Jackson Palmer posted a post on Twitter expressing dissatisfaction with the cryptocurrency market.
The change came in Musk’s Twitter profile picture when he tweeted that his own son “caught his day like a champ.” Since the profile picture was changed, the price of the coin saw a ten per cent jump, which was recorded on Sunday.

CoinMarketCap According to another co-founder of Dezekin, Billy Marcus was able to post his meme on Twitter about the ongoing power in the musk market – which is controversial. Half of Dodgecoin’s profits have already been wiped out with cryptocurrency. Dodgecoin is currently priced at 8 0.18 (approximately 13.49). This is July 19 at the time of writing Dodgecoin prices in India 13.17.

The cryptocurrency community is more tired of Kastur’s tweets than in the old days, which will make its impact another passing. Investors have begun to make their own prudent decisions regarding the cryptocurrency market, which has shown constant volatility. In his opinion, no one can determine the market movement.

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