Email Withdrawal Feature on Gmail Android App

Google has added a new feature to the Android version of Gmail. After iOS, Google has now introduced the Undo feature for Gmail’s Android application for Android users. Users have been waiting for this feature for a long time. After several years of testing, the company launched the Undo feature in 2015. Emails sent with this feature can be withdrawn. This feature is not new, the Gmail Undo feature was made available to iOS users in November 2001. Now this feature has been introduced for Android.

On the Android platform, this feature was first identified by the Android Police website. Let us know if version 7.7 of the Gmail Undo feature will be rolled out to Android users. This feature will work just like the desktop version. After sending the email, a box will open at the bottom that will display the sending. With this, an option to cancel will appear. As you can see in the picture, you will see the endo option after sending an email. All users will be able to use this feature in version 7.7 of Gmail. If you do not see this feature, go to the Google Play Store and check to see if there are any updates.

The ‘Undo’ feature was tested in Gmail Labs in March 2009 and after its official launch. The feature was first rotated in a web version in 2015. Note that Google recently rolled out privacy mode in Gmail. If users email someone after you turn on this feature, it will be automatically deleted after the scheduled time.

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