Facebook Avatar feature has been launched in India, give Indian cartoons to your cartoons

Facebook has launched the Avatar feature in India for the Facebook mobile app. Avatar gives you the option to create cartoon-like versions for your social media profile. This feature is now available in the Facebook mobile app, where users can create their own avatars. In it, Bell has many options for different styles, colors or body parts, allowing users to create their own matching avatars.

The Avatar feature in India comes with a variety of face styles, hair styles and limb styling that have been created with Indian users in mind. These avatars can be used in Facebook Messenger chat windows and Facebook comments or as a profile picture. Avatars can also be shared in WhatsApp chats, the company said. It gives users a variety of options to choose facial features, hair, color, dress etc. through which users can create their own unique digital avatar.

This feature is available for both Android and iOS devices.

How to create your avatar on Facebook

Here’s how to make your Facebook avatar

Facebook app to create your own unique avatarBookmarksStart or comment on a post to get the option. As soon as you click the comment window:

1. ‘LaughingClick on the icon.
2. ‘Stickers“And here you will find”Make your avatar“Options will appear.
3. Click on it, then the process of creating your avatar will start.

All this Facebook Messenger It can also be done through the app. Currently the Avatar Creation feature is only available in the Messenger app. Android version And will be appearing on iOS soon.

Common Indian features of Facebook avatars include bindi, kurta, sari, suit, turban and a lungi option. It has an option, so users can use the selfie camera to keep and compare their photos with the avatars they created.

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