Facebook has clarified the Aadhaar ‘controversy’, closed test

On Thursday, Facebook tried to stop all the controversy that had arisen due to the company’s new ‘Aadhaar Name’ signing process. Explain that the company was testing this process in India. The agency has made it clear that the testing process is over and there are no plans to expand it. Facebook insisted that Aadhaar be used as a suggestion to use the full name during the sign-up process. No Aadhaar is being verified by the company.

This social networking site said nothing new about the test other than the information previously shared with Gadgets 360. The latest Facebook Blog post The purpose of this is that in the news coming in the media, Facebook is asking for the details of Aadhaar to the company has made it clear that Aadhaar is not integrated anywhere in its sign up process. It is not being used to identify new users.

Gadgets 360 I told you before This social media company is asking the user to use the full name as Aadhaar in the Facebook profile. When users were creating a new account, it was suggested to give the name ‘Aadhaar’. Facebook said in a statement to Gadgets3360, “We want to make sure that users use the same name they identify to facilitate communication with friends and family. Now we’re testing it on a smaller scale. We’re using the same Aadhaar card name.” This is an optional suggestion. It is not mandatory to use the Aadhaar card name manually.

In fact, Facebook’s move is being seen as an attempt to control fake profiles. Let us know that about 24 crore people in India use Facebook. India ranks second in the world in terms of number of users.

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