Facebook has launched the Bars app for rappers, giving a tick-like experience

Facebook’s new Bars app is another attempt by the social media giant to fill the TickTock application gap. However, this time this app is specially designed for rappers. Yes, this new app was developed by Facebook’s New Product Testing (NPE) R&D team, which is currently available under closed beta testing. Facebook’s Bars app helps users create and share rap through tools. The NPE team says that users do not need to have formal wrapping experience to create RAP in the BARS app.

Facebook’s Bars app is designed to create content in a twisting style, unlike the traditional themed short-video sharing app. It has pre-recorded beats to convert its words into rap in a professional style. Additionally, rhyme tips can be taken using rhyme dictionaries to keep the application flowing. Also, it has a challenge mode so you get free style freedom with a clue of auto-sudden sounds.

Once your lyrics and flow are complete Facebook The Bars app provides a variety of audio and visual filters to enhance the content of your package. Your video includes pre-loaded tools to change the vocal output, such as Clean, Autotune, Calier Friends, and AM Radio. The Bars app lets you export your rap videos and save them to your camera roll after refining. You can share your content on other social media platforms.

The Bars app is available for download on Apple’s US App Store and is used by very few iOS users. Let me tell you, in May last year, Facebook’s NPE team launched an application called Team Collab, which was made available in December for iOS for public access. The Club app was designed as a tick-tock.

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