Facebook is currently launching a ‘short video’ feature like TickTock running in India

Considering the Tiktok ban in India and the proposed ban in the US, Facebook is testing a new ‘short video’ feature inside its app. This new feature will appear in the middle of the news feed which works just like the popular TickTalk app in the swipe-up manor. Let me tell you, Facebook has recently launched the Reel feature on its Instagram platform to fill the gap of TickTock and now it seems that a similar feature will be introduced for Facebook as well. We’re not sure about the opportunity to test this feature, but we did get this feature in the latest version of Facebook on Android devices.

Social media guru Matt Navra Tweets First of all, it is known that the social media company is testing this new ‘short video’ feature in its Facebook app. This new feature is similar to TickTock’s video format, which includes swipe-up scrolls to watch the next video. We got this feature in our Facebook app, probably a huge number of these users have been made available to Indian users. But it is also not possible to reach this feature to every Indian user, Facebook is testing it among users before the commercial rollout.

Commenting on this, a Facebook spokesperson said in an email (translated) “We are always testing new creative tools to find out how people want to express themselves. Short form videos are very popular and we connect people to Facebook with this experience. , Providing new ways to create and share. “

Let me tell you, the interface of this short video section on Facebook is basically like a tick, with comments and likes on the bottom right. In addition to these, the Create option is placed at the top, which at first click shows the description with the new Facebook camera as “creating and sharing short videos and discovering new ways to express yourself”. The new short video feature allows users to put music on their recorded clips. Apart from this you will also get the option of pose and record like tick in this new feature. After creating the video, you can share it in the app. Once the video is posted, you will see it in the ‘Short Video’ section of your Facebook.

Notably, Facebook recently released an Instagram reel after Tiktok was banned in India. Likes , Which provides a very similar tickling experience in use. At the same time, now that Facebook has launched its new ‘short video’ feature, you can then enjoy this feature on Facebook.

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