Facebook merged with Messenger in a direct message from Instagram, now the chat will be together

There has long been news about Facebook that it plans to integrate WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram soon. But according to the latest news, Facebook Messenger has been integrated into the photo sharing app Instagram’s Director Message Service. According to the information released, on Wednesday, Instagram started to introduce the option of connecting direct messages with Instagram Messenger. After selecting this option, users will be able to send messages to Instagram via Facebook Messenger while sending messages directly to Messenger via Instagram.

Facebook announced this through its blog post. Some users see this feature as soon as they open the app. However, users who do not want to integrate their Instagram direct messages with Messenger can also ignore this option. At the same time, if users choose this update, their Instagram messaging experience will be like Messenger after the update. This means that with the new update, Instagram users will be able to use features like message forwarding and chat customization. In chat customization, users can change the color of their chat, etc., and give their chat a nickname.

Facebook said that these features will first be seen on Instagram and then on Messenger.

After this attachment, people on a platform can communicate using a platform without having to download a separate application. However, calls and messages made from Instagram to Instagram will only be available in the Instagram app.

In early 2019, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg mentioned end-to-end encryption, an important advantage of merging Facebook’s messaging platforms. Let me tell you, WhatsApp and Messenger support end-to-end encryption but this support is not currently enabled on Instagram. Facebook did not mention encryption with information about this update.

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