Facebook Messenger has got a new look, you will get many fun features

Facebook has created a new look for Messenger. In addition to the new look, the Messenger app is going to get many more fun features like chat themes, selfie stickers and custom responses. Users can choose chat themes in their messenger from ‘Love’ to ‘Tie-Die’. Regarding the new incarnation of Messenger, Facebook said it marks a change for the future of messaging. Let me tell you, the company has recently integrated Messenger with Instagram.

The Facebook Messenger logo used to be dark blue. But now it has been changed from blue to pink gradient, which looks pretty much like the Instagram logo. After changing the color of Messenger, users will soon be able to use the selfie sticker feature in Messenger which will help them customize the stickers with their own pictures.

Apart from this, Facebook is also preparing to roll out the vanish mode feature soon, through which the messages will disappear automatically. Yes, after this feature comes on, the message will disappear as soon as the user sees the message and stops chatting.

Messenger Vice President Stan Chudanovsky on his blog Post “Our new logo represents a future change in messaging, a more dynamic, fun and integrated way through which you can connect with people close to you. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.”

Let me tell you, last month Facebook integrated its messenger with the photo sharing app Instagram. After which users will be able to send messages to Instagram via Facebook Messenger, on the other hand, you will be able to send messages directly to Instagram’s Messenger. The update will be launched soon for most North American users, and will be rolled out worldwide in a few months.

A feature called Watch Together was also recently launched on social media platforms, allowing you to watch any video with your friends.

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