Facebook Messenger has got new app lock feature, chat will be safe

Facebook Messenger has added an extra layer of security with the app lock feature. This feature locks the app and allows users to unlock the app using their biometrics such as Touch ID or Face ID. This feature is available in India, but is currently limited to iOS and iPad users. Android users of Facebook Messenger will be given this feature in the next few months. Also, Facebook has announced new privacy features for the Messenger platform.

A blog Post On Facebook, it also claims that users will not be sent or saved by biometric companies. The app lock feature in the Messenger app can be set from within the privacy section of the settings page. In particular, the new privacy feature does not restrict notifications and users need to customize this setting under the “Notifications and Sound” section of the app.

Social media giant messenger has announced another privacy feature for the platform. This new feature will allow users to control other users’ messages or calls directly in the app. Also, Facebook will start blurring the images displayed in the request folder of messages that occur on WhatsApp, along with photos received from unknown users.

Note that the company recently introduced a screen sharing feature for Messenger app users on Android and iOS. This feature is also accessible on the web and desktop via Messenger Room.

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