Facebook Messenger may get auto status feature soon

A new feature may be added to Facebook Messenger soon that will let your closest friends know what you’re doing. A user is working on a version that matches Facebook’s Auto Status option in Instagram’s Threads app. Explain that in this feature a person can use his profile emoji to show what he is doing or in what mood. This feature allows users to choose who can view their status.

One of TechCrunch Report Accordingly, this feature in Facebook Messenger will use your location, accelerometer and battery life and determine what you are doing and share it with other users you choose. But instead of sharing the exact coordinates, it will overlay emojis on your profile icon to report information about activities involving someone. This feature has already been confirmed by Alexandru Voica, EMEA Communications Manager at Facebook. He said the feature is currently under internal testing and has not been released for testing.

The Auto Status feature was first seen on Instagram’s Threads app, an app for a platform owned by Photos, and was meant only for close friends. This application was launched in October 2019. The auto status feature in Instagram threads tells users what their close friends are doing to them. This app gives users the option to share the status of their friends with their location, weather, battery status, etc. even if they are not running this app. Auto status only appears in a specific list of friends and can change at any time, similar to how Instagram’s friends list option works.

A user can manually select an auto status or use a data signal on Instagram to select an emoji. Instagram will detect your exact location as you stay at home or in places like office, cafe, bar and determine your location accordingly. If you are riding or driving a bike, it can be detected by your phone’s accelerometer and your status is set. Similarly, the battery of your phone may indicate that your battery is low or that you are currently charging your phone. By identifying these, the app sets a small emoji on top of your profile

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