Facebook’s ‘Suhani’ memory can now be seen in one place

Facebook has given people a new feature to enjoy their ‘pleasant memories’. In fact, Facebook has given a dedicated page called ‘Memories’, so that users will be able to see the memories shared on Facebook with their friends and family. It will have posts and photos, which will take you to flashbacks. This new page feature is part of the old On Facebook feature these days.

“More than 9 million people share the ‘This Day’ feature every day and reminisce about the old days. This new page will save those memories in one place,” said Oren Hood, the company’s product manager, on Monday.

On this day there will be a section called Friends Made Ann, with the names of friends you have spent time with before. Or you posted videos, photos or collages with them. Here, there will be an option to reschedule memories, so that the user can save the memory of messages and short videos. Similarly, the Memories section you missed in May will also be done, where your missed post from the previous week will be displayed. “In a missed post, the news feed, more options will appear in the user’s application,” Hood said. These memories can also be found in news feeds through access to notifications and messages. ‘

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