FAU-G launches tomorrow: Learn everything from the story of the game to the download method

Developed by FAU-GN Core Games. The game was developed by the Indian Gaming Corporation in India and is scheduled to open tomorrow, January 2. Let us know that FAU-G was announced in early September last year. A few teasers and trailers were later released. The FAU-G was announced shortly after PUBG Mobile was banned in India, causing a sudden stir. The developers promoted it as a self-reliant India campaign. Now, when the game is about to start tomorrow, why not look at all the things related to it first.

What is FAU-G?

FAU-G, aptly named by Fairless and United Guards, is an action game developed by N Core Games, a Bangalore-based game company in India. It was announced in September 2020, after the Indian government imposed a ban on PUBG mobiles. Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar announced the FAU-G on Twitter, saying it would support the movement for a self-reliant India and “players will also learn about the abandonment of our troops”. He further shared that 20 per cent of the profits earned through the game would be donated to the Bharat Ke Bir Trust.

Vishal Gondal, co-founder of N Core Games, revealed that the first level of FAU-G was based on the Indo-China conflict in the Galvan Valley where Indian troops fought Chinese troops. Then in October Akshay Kumar shared a teaser, which gives a glimpse of the fighting mechanics in our game. Since the game is considered as an Indian alternative to PUBG mobile, it does not seem to be a royal game of mobile war like PUBG.

However, a report from IGN India said that FAU-G will have a story mode when launched and multiplayer and Battle Royale modes will be added later.

When will FAU-G launch?

The FAU-G is scheduled to open in India tomorrow, January 26 (Republic Day). Akshay Kumar shared the release date via a tweet earlier this month. The game was originally scheduled to launch in October last year but did not. N Core Games then announced that FAU-G would launch in November 2020, but that didn’t happen. Now, it’s going to be launched on Republic Day.

Where and how to download FAU-G?

The FAU-G application page went live on Google Play in late November and received pre-registration. Registered players will start receiving download notifications tomorrow. Furthermore, it will be downloaded and installed manually on the compatible device. If you haven’t pre-registered, you can manually download and install the game via Google Play after it launches.

Suppose that within three days of the game’s page going live on Google Play, it was pre-registered by 1 million people. Gondal recently shared that the game has been registered by 4 million people.

Which games will challenge FAU-G?

The trailer shared by Akshay Kumar shows that the FAU-G is based on military warfare. The game will add multiplayer and Battle Royale modes in the future. Google Play and the App Store already have many popular Battle Royale games, including some of the big names Call of Duty: Mobile (which has both multiplayer and Battle Royale modes), Modern Warfare 5: Blackout (first person shooter), Modern Warfare (online). Only strategy game)), Afterpools (3rd person multiplayer shooter), Warface: Global Operations (first person shooter), Fortnit (available at Royal Epic Games of War), Garena Freefire (Royal of War), Cyber ​​Hunter (Royal of War) etc.

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