Features like Instagram’s tickle started testing in Reels India

Instagram is coming up with a tick-like feature in India soon. According to the report, the name of this feature will be ‘Reels’. The new feature was first launched in Brazil in November and it is now known that the company is testing the feature in India. After Tiktok was banned, everyone is preparing to come up with alternatives, where Instagram’s name has now been added. Some Instagram users reported that they also got this reels feature through an update. However, rollout is still available to all users.

Business Insider cites people involved in the case Report It is said that some people have started getting this new feature of Instagram through Reels Update. TechCrunch The feature was first introduced in Brazil, the report said. Then it came to France and Germany.

The Reels feature will work just like the tick on Instagram, allowing users to create and edit their own 15-second video. Once the video is created, it can be uploaded. Users will have the option to add effects and music before posting videos online under this feature.

Instagram confirmed to Gadget 360 via email that it plans to expand the reels to other countries without providing any accurate information.

Titak in India Bain More later Ticketmakers Switched to Instagram and YouTube. That’s why Instagram is now preparing to give those users a video platform. There is a possibility that the reel feature of Instagram could give tough competition to Indian tick apps including apps like Shrimp, Maitron and Ropso.

Significantly, Facebook announced last week that it was going to discontinue the Tisco-inspired video app Lasso, which was launched in November 2018. Facebook has given this information to the users through notifications. The application was found in countries such as Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru and the United States, not India.

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