Forgot Facebook password, don’t get tense, reset like this …

Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram … some of the apps that every other person uses these days. We always log in to our apps on some smartphones which is why they enter email IDs and passwords and don’t open them again and again. Many times we forget the passwords of these accounts because we can’t open the ID. With the help of Facebook users often have to deal with this problem. If you have forgotten your Facebook password and are unable to open an account on another device, today we will tell you the solution to this problem. In fact, Facebook lets you reset the password in case you forget it, if you don’t remember the old password, you can reset the password as well. Let’s find out how to reset Facebook password.

To reset your Facebook password, you need to remember your registered email ID that you used to create your Facebook account. In addition to these, you can also use your own phone number.

How to reset facebook password

First go to and open the live-in page of Facebook.

-Now you have to enter the email id and click on the forgotten account without password.

– On the next screen you need to use your registered email ID or phone number.

On the next page you will be given three options for password recovery, namely, use Google Account, send code via email or send code via message.

– A code of whichever of the above three options you choose will be provided to you.

-Now fill in the code you get on the next screen.

-A new page will open in front of you where you need to set a new Facebook password.

After this process you can open your Facebook account with a new password.

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