From October 16th, Realm Festival Day Sale, take advantage of these offers

Realm Festival Day is the company’s annual sale, this year’s sales date has been announced. This cell will start from 16th October, which will last till 21st October. During this sale, Reality will provide flash deals at 12 noon every day. In addition to free shipping on this sale, Reality will offer coupons and discounts for selected banks. The RealMe ii smartphone will be available for the first time during this sale, along with the RealMe Pro Pro Kissed version. Not only this, with the sale of Realmy Festival Day, Realmy C11, Realmy C15 and Realmy X3 smartphones, the price of many reality smartphones will also be deducted during the sale of Realmy Festival Day.

Realm Festival Day sale date announced by the company Website Has been through the bottom of the cell Realm C11 The smartphone will be priced up to Rs 500, which will be listed with a price tag of Rs 6,999. At the moment, this phone is priced at Rs 7,499.

On the other hand Realmy C15 During the sale, you will get a discount of up to one thousand rupees. The actual price of this phone is Rs 9,999, but with the discount you will get it at Rs 8,999.

Realm X3 There is a huge discount on smartphones up to three thousand rupees. The actual price of the Reality X3 starts from Rs 24,999, but at the time of sale, the smartphone will be available for Rs 21,999. There will also be discounts on Realm Buds Classic, Realm Buds Wireless, Realm Buds Q, Realm Buds Air Neo and Realm Watch.

Reality Buds Air Neo and Reality Watch sales will get a discount of Rs.1000. After the discount, Reality Buds Air Neo will be priced at Rs 1,999 and Reality Watch will be priced at Rs 2,999. The Reality Buds Classic will be listed at a discount of Rs 38 with a discount of Rs 20. Reality Buds Wireless will get a discount of Rs 300, after which it will be available at Rs 1,499. Reality Buds Q will be available for purchase at Rs 1,499 with a discount of Rs 500.

Realm 7i And Realmy 7 Pro Gold Kissed Leather Version The smartphone will go on sale from 12 noon on October 16. Recently launched Realm Smart SELED TV 55-inch, Realme Buds Air Pro, Realme Buds Wireless Pro and Realme N1 Sonic Electric Tooth Brush will also be launched during this period.

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