G5 Club launches G5 ‘cheap’ subscription plan, learn features

The G5 today launched its new entry-level subscription plan, called the G5 Club. Under the plan, viewers will be able to watch more than 1000 movies, G Zindagi shows and more than 90 live TV shows, including shows selected from G5 and ALTBalaji. The special thing is that you get all these things for only 365 rupees, also for the whole year. Let me tell you, this plan is much cheaper than the current annual plan of G5. The G5 will get an annual subscription of Rs. The G5’s new move is similar to Disney + Hotstar, offering an annual Disney + Hotstar VIP subscription priced at Rs 399 for a limited range of content.

The G5 Club plan is claimed to have been launched with different G5 users in mind, regional referencing and philosophical patterns in mind. It is housed as a complete OTT television entertainment pack, while the existing G5 access plan includes access to all platforms, including G5 exclusive and ALTBL shows, movies, G-Life shows, kid content and live TV channels.

The annual fee for the G5 Access plan is Rs 999, though it is monthly Subscription You have to pay 99 rupees. You can subscribe to it for three months to six months. You have to pay Rs 299 for three months and Rs 599 for six months.

However, it should be noted here that in both G5 Club and G5 All Access plans you can view content on 5 devices at the same time.

Significantly, like the G5 Club, Disney + Hotstar also offered its limited content access VIP subscription to attract people to digital content. Not only that, Netflix last year also launched the only Rs 1,999 mobile plan for Indian customers. Get started Did. Recently, news came that the American company has planned a new “Mobile +” for Rs 349 Experimental Doing, which will also provide access to the computer with HD streaming.

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