Geo Postpaid Plus Introduces Credit Carry Forward Feature for Existing Postpaid Customers

Geo has introduced the Credit Carry Forward feature for its postpaid users, a feature for existing postpaid users who are migrating to the Geo Postpaid Plus plan. This feature will enable users to get their existing credit limit on Geo Postpaid Plus services. Let me inform you, it was recently published on the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRI) website that customers have to pay a security deposit for the new Geo Postpaid Plus connection. After that, this new feature has now been announced. Interestingly, the telecom operator did not announce any security deposit when offering the new postpaid service last month.

However, after the new feature is introduced, Geo Postpaid customers with existing credit limits will not have to submit any protection by transferring to the new Geo Postpaid Plus service. Geo will provide customers with their existing credit limits.

To take advantage of the new feature, existing postpaid customers need to WhatsApp by typing “Hi” to 88501-88501 from their postpaid number to upload your postpaid bill to confirm your current credit limit. After 24 hours, customers can get their new Jio Postpaid Plus SIM by visiting the Jio Store or through home delivery.

However, it should be noted that this feature was introduced only for Postpaid customers with current credit limit. This means that customers with existing prepaid accounts have to transfer to Geo Postpaid Plus service and deposit a security deposit, which was recently released. Also, if you accept a Geo postpaid connection as a new customer without transferring the existing postpaid connection, you will still need to submit a security deposit.

Let us know, last month the company launched Geo Postpaid Plus service. Get started In this service, customers will get subscription to video streaming service and live apps, data rollover and international calling facilities. Geo customers will have to get a new SIM card, but the company says the phone number will not change. Prices for the Geo Postpaid Plus plan start at Rs 399 and go up to Rs 1,499.

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