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Geo recently launched its new five Geo Postpaid Plus plans, in which customers will receive subscriptions to video streaming services and Geo apps, data rollovers and international calling benefits. At the same time, it has the advantage of family strange SIM. However, documents available on the TRAI website state that customers who want to subscribe to the plan will have to pay a security deposit of up to Rs 18,00. The details revealed that for the postpaid plus plan, customers have to pay a security deposit amount ranging from Rs 5.00 to Rs 1800.

Geo plans to submit postpaid protection

Geo launched five postpaid plus plans last month, with selected Geo postpaid plans offering international roaming. Try Website However, through the new regulatory filing, it has been revealed that the customers have to submit security in the monthly subscription plan of Geo Postpaid Plus. Although the amount of security deposit has not been disclosed on the Geo website, the regulator has revealed the amount through filing.

The Geo Postpaid Plus plan starts with a Rs 399 plan, for which customers have to deposit a security of Rs 500. At the same time, this amount has been fixed at Rs 750 for the Rs 599 plan. For a plan of Rs. 799, a security deposit of Rs. 1000 has to be paid. This amount is Rs 1,200 for a Rs 999 plan, while for a Rs 1,499 plan, customers have to pay a security deposit of up to Rs 1,800.

There are plans for Geo Postpaid Plus

Prices for the Geo Postpaid Plus range from Rs 399 to Rs 1,499. All these plans come with unlimited voice calling and SMS facility. In addition, there are subscriptions to three content streaming services in the form of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney + Hotstar VIP. The Rs 399 plan will get 75 GB of data and the data rollover will be up to 200 GB. 100 GB of data will be available for use in the Rs 599 postpaid plan. There will be 200 GB data rollover facility. In addition an additional SIM card with family planning will be available. At Rs. 9999, you will get 150 GB data, 200 GB data rollover and 2 additional SIM cards with family planning. The Rs 999 plan includes 200 GB of data, 500 GB of data rollover and three additional SIM cards with a family plan. The most expensive plan is Rs 1,499. It will get 300 GB data, 500 GB data rollover, unlimited data and voice calls in the United States and UAE.

Users can also avail the facility of Geo Postpaid Plus to their family members, but this facility is available in selected plans with a fee of only Rs 250. The number of family members also depends on the plan.

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