Geo vs Airtel vs V: The best prepaid plan is coming at Rs 129

Geo, Airtel and VI (Vodafone Idea) offer their customers a number of affordable prepaid recharge packs under Rs 129. Some prepaid packs are designed to meet the needs of high-speed data, while some packs are equipped with unlimited voice and SMS messages as well. Geo, Airtel and VI have prepaid packs that provide free access to over-the-air OTT platforms such as add-on benefits.

Today through this article, we will discuss some of the best prepaid packs from Jio, Airtel and V (Vodafone Idea) which are priced below Rs 129 and may prove to be the best option for your mobile connection. We have chosen these packs based on data, voice calls and SMS messages, which start at Rs 11 and go up to Rs 129.

Geo Best Prepaid Packs Rs. 129: Rs. 51, Rs. 100

Unlike other telecom operators, Geo does not offer any validity in its prepaid packs. This means you will not get any validity with these packs, it will depend on the validity of your existing prepaid plan. The Rs 51 Jio prepaid pack provides 6GB of high speed data access. Apart from these, the company also offers a prepaid pack of Rs 100, which gives a talktime of Rs 81.75. This talk time can be used for voice calling, data access and SMS service as well as international services.

Airtel’s best prepaid packs are Rs. 129: Rs. 19, Rs 48, Rs 79

Speaking of Airtel, it offers unlimited voice calls in prepaid packs of Rs 19 with 200MB of data and two days validity. If this pack doesn’t work for you, you can also get Airtel’s Rs 79 prepaid plan which offers 200 MB of data and Rs 64 with 28 days validity. This prepaid pack offers 60 paise per minute for local, STD and landline calls. Users wanting data can get the Airtel Prepaid Pack for Rs 48, where 3GB of data is available for 28 days with validity.

V (Vodafone Idea) Best Prepaid Packs Rs. 129: Rs. 19, Rs 95, Rs. 99

V (Vodafone Idea) offers unlimited voice calls and 200 MB of data for two days in a Rs 19 prepaid pack. The operator offers 200MB of data in the Rs 95 prepaid pack, but it has a talktime local / national call of Rs 74 at Rs 2.5 per second with a validity of Rs 58. If you are looking for data, calls and SMS packs, the Veer 99 prepaid pack comes with unlimited voice calls, 1GB data and 100 SMS messaging facility which is valid for 18 days.

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