Geomart debut via WhatsApp in the midst of lockdown

Reliance recently formed a partnership with Facebook. Under this, Facebook has announced an investment of Rs 43,5744 crore in this Indian company. Reliance has already launched its online e-commerce portal JioMart. Please note that this is an e-commerce unit of Reliance Retail and at the moment it is live in several areas of Mumbai. Explain in the lockdown, Geomart is taking the help of WhatsApp platform to make its features accessible to the general public.

Starting testing its services, Reliance’s Geomart will now challenge Amazon and Walmart’s Flipkart. Facebook, on the other hand, hopes that through a partnership with JioMart, WhatsApp stores will become the primary way to communicate with customers.

JioMart’s Services Customers need to store JioMart’s WhatsApp number 8850008000 in their phone contacts. Here customers get a link from Geomart to order. After placing the order, the company distributes it to grocery stores on WhatsApp.
According to Geomartlight’s website, customers are then notified of the order as well as the details of the store.

At present, Reliance’s official statement has not been included. Reliance Retail launched JioMart in January this year on a pilot basis in Maharashtra’s Navi Mumbai, Thana and Kalyan areas.

A new partnership between the Reliance Jio platform, Reliance Retail and WhatsApp will enable customers to quickly transact at JioMart using WhatsApp “at the nearest grocery store” in their home and to get products easily, a Reliance Industries statement said. And receive services.

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