Geomit’s video conferencing app launched by Reliance Jio will compete with Zoom

Reliance Jio has launched JioMeet service to compete with the video conferencing app Zoom. Mukesh Ambani’s telecom company launched its video conferencing app somewhat stylishly on Thursday night and is now available on Google Play and App Store as a service app. Reliance Jio has unveiled its first new product in the last few months after a series of fundraisers and is coming up against Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Team and other popular video conferencing tools.

JioMeet has the ability to make direct calls (1: 1 calling) as well as meetings with up to 100 participants. According to Reliance Jio, the app provides enterprise-grade host control. You can sign up with your phone number or email id and have your meeting with HD quality. It’s free to use and you can have unlimited meetings every day. In addition to these meetings can be password protected and it supports waiting room features like zoom.

Reliance Jio raises funds from April to June, with the company launching Facebook and a deal Social media giant Geo has a 99.99 percent stake Received JioMeet can not only be used from a browser (only Chrome or Firefox), but it is available as an app on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. You linkJio’s website I can see

The interface of this platform is very simple, which looks exactly like zoom but a quick review shows that it works like other big video conferencing apps. JioMeet says the app supports multi-device login on five devices and you can easily switch between devices when you make a call. It has a feature called Safe Driving Mode as well as basic features like screen sharing.

While the app is now available to the public, Geo has been testing it for months and you can see the comment on Google Play to see how an invitation code works. But now all you have to do is sign up for JioMeet and you can use it for free.

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