Geo’s Geopos Lite app has been launched, there is an opportunity to make money from home

Geo has launched a new JioPOS Lite Community Recharge app in India. The app is available for download on the Google Play Store and helps anyone to become a Jio partner and make prepaid recharges and make money for other Jio customers. The registration process for this application is very simple. The best part is that it does not require a hardcopy of the document or any physical verification. After becoming a Jio partner through this JioPOS Lite app, any user can recharge the accounts of other Jio customers and earn commissions. Please note that you can recharge other Jio prepaid numbers through an existing MyJio application or Jio website, but you do not receive a commission.

The JioPOS Lite app pays Jio partners a 4.16 percent commission to recharge other numbers. It also has a passbook feature that allows Geo partners to view details of earnings and transactions made in the last 20 days. Once you have installed the application and given it the necessary permissions, JioPOS Lite asks you to register and become a Jio Partner. You must have a Jio number to be a Jio partner. After the registration process is complete, the app will ask you to load money into your wallet. Users can pay up to Rs 500, Rs 1,000 and Rs 2,000 here. You will then recharge other Jio customers with this money and you will get commission. For every Rs 100 spent through the application, you will get a commission of Rs 4.166 which means 4.16 per cent of the total recharge amount.

The app helps her find the best recharge plan for her friends, family and customers, showing the popular prepaid recharge plan for Geo partners. It has an FAQ section where all recharge information is available. The app was first launched on DreamDTH by a user named DJ Roy I saw Was.

The JioPOS Lite app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. The iOS version is not yet available.

Let us know that Airtel also recently introduced the ‘Earn from Home’ (Earn from Home) scheme by which users have the option to become superheroes through the Airtel app, through which the user can get 4% cashback on every recharge of the app. Inside the Airtel app is a banner informing users of the new ‘Earn Form Home’ scheme. By clicking on it and registering as a superhero, the user can earn 4 percent on each recharge.

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