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When you add a new friend using Facebook, an emergency notification like ‘Now not connected on Messenger’ comes up. Facebook is preparing to shut it down. The company initially said that these warnings would not be available, at least not to users who do not start chatting after seeing them. Facebook has realized that this notification is after editing new friends ‘vice’ people. Facebook says it is working to make such notifications convenient and usable. Say it TechCrunch Reported

A Facebook spokesperson told TechConnor, “We’ve seen some people like Messenger join the notifications. So with the help of machine learning, we’ll send it to those who think it’s convenient. Starts chatting with friends.
We respect the opinion of the people, because it helps us to improve our product. ‘

Thus, with the help of machine learning, an advantage will be provided which receives only those notifications which it deems appropriate.
Apart from this, Facebook also took note of the problem, so that a complaint was received about the post being made public due to an error.

Erin Egan, Facebook’s chief privacy officer, said in a statement: Once posted, it will automatically become ‘public’ and everyone will be able to see it.

According to Facebook, the aggrieved users are suffering from May 18 to May 27. As a result, users complain about their posts appearing in public instead of ‘specific user’ and ‘friend only’. Facebook says it corrected these issues on May 22nd, but is not able to change this setting in all user posts. Therefore, the company has sent a notification to the user warning them to change their ‘public’ option.

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